Zoetis builds on 25 years of diagnostic experience to provide timely, accurate and reliable diagnostic products and services that help veterinarians and poultry producers confidently make better health management decisions. Our comprehensive diagnostics program unites dependable enzyme linked immuno-sorbent assay (ELISA) test kits, knowledgeable technical service and our upgraded ProFILE® software, which yields results quickly.

Companion Animal Products

Poultry Products - Chicken

  • ProFLOK™ AE
  • ProFLOK™ ALV Plus
  • ProFLOK™ MS
  • ProFLOK™ IBD
  • ProFLOK™ IBV
  • ProFLOK™ LT
  • ProFLOK™ REO
  • ProFLOK™ NDV Plus
  • ProFLOK™ MG

Poultry Products - Turkey

  • ProFLOK™ MG
  • ProFLOK™ HEV
  • ProFLOK™ MM
  • ProFLOK™ MS
  • ProFLOK™ NDV