On the road to feeling well

Managing your dog’s motion sickness is only part of keeping it happy and healthy. To ensure that your pet is getting the most out of life, try following these steps to strengthen the bond the two of you have as well as increase your dog’s vitality.

Keep your dog active
Just like people, dogs benefit from being active. Find activities you can do together, like visiting parks or other outdoor spaces where your dog can run free and stretch its legs. Daily play and exercise will not only help both of you sleep better at night, it will also earn you your dog’s undying love and devotion.

Take your dog for yearly checkups
Just as humans go for annual physical exams, so should your pet – so schedule regular checkups with your veterinarian. Unlike us, animals can’t communicate when they’re ill, so it’s essential that you watch for any small changes like weight loss or increased thirst as these may indicate underlying problems that your veterinarian can diagnose and treat before they become emergencies. Also, be sure to speak to your veterinarian about giving your pet a broad spectrum treatment that protects against parasites like fleas and heartworm. An ounce of protection really is worth a pound of cure when it comes to your loved one’s health.