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all good things in life start with the mother.
a solid herd health program is no different.

SelectVac Gold Plus starts with a dose of Bovi-Shield® Gold FP®5 annually for the
mother. This ensures that her offspring will be free of BVD and are covered by the
Zoetis BVD PI-Free Guarantee. It’s your calves’ first step in a strong and healthy future as
SelectVac Gold Plus calves.

The next step is vaccinating your calves with Bovi-Shield Gold One ShotTM and Ultrabac® 7/Somubac® (minimum of two weeks prior to weaning). When followed up with a qualifying protocol on-arrival at the feedlot, these calves are eligible for Canada’s Only 0% BRD Pull Rate Guarantee.

SelectVac Gold Plus, the only whole herd vaccination program that provides the opportunity for the buyer of your calves to take advantage of the 0% BRD PULL RATE GUARANTEE. This guarantee will help them protect their investment and give them peace of mind. Give yourself and the buyer of your calves the added confidence that comes with having SelectVac Gold Plus calves – strong, healthy and insured by the 0% BRD PULL RATE GUARANTEE!

*To qualify for the 0% BRD Pull Rate Guarantee your calves must be registered here as
 SelectVac Gold Plus calves and vaccinated with the following protocol:

Click the tab
at the bottom of the window below to register now!
Have your RFID tag range numbers available so you can enter them on the site to verify your eligibility for the 0% BRD PULL RATE GUARANTEE.

Check the various vaccination options on the registration page to pick a protocol that suits your needs.
The following conditions must also be met:
Zoetis BRD control program used on arrival to the feedlot (Draxxin, Zoetis 4 or 5 way MLV and Histophilus vaccine).
Feedlot pens must contain all SelectVac Gold Plus calves and fill within a 10 day period.
BRD pulls will be covered for 30 days after the initial 10 day fill period.
Zoetis will compensate first pull BRD treatment costs up to $20 per head (paid in free goods back to your veterinary clinic).

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