If you own a dog or a cat, this important message is for you.
Protect Your Pet.
Protect Your Home.
Your veterinarian can offer you a safe,
non-pesticide, prescription medication that will kill fleas on your pet, and flea eggs and larvae in your home. This medication can also protect your pet from other parasites, including ticks and potentially deadly heartworm.
Have you heard the important buzz about heartworm?
Beware. Spring has sprung.
Every spring, summer and fall millions
of hungry, bloodsucking mosquitoes
go on the attack.
Infected mosquitoes can transmit
potentially fatal heartworm to dogs and cats.
Just ask anyone whose pet unfortunately
tested positive last year.
Protect your pet NOW.
Take two minutes to find out how fleas can threaten your pet and your home.

Potentially fatal heartworm can be transmitted by infected mosquitoes. Protect your pet, find out how.

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